Parking Request

The format for the duration in web parking is similar to that in the SMS parking request.

The Duration tells us how long you want to park in hours and minutes. For example;

1h for 1 hour,
30m for 30 minutes,
1H30m or 90M for 1 hour 30 minutes,
# for all day parking (up to midnight),
5# for 5 days of parking including the current day,
* for all week parking for today plus 6 more days so that parking will end on midnight on the 7th day.

Note that the time your request is in clock time - not charged hours. For example, 16h requests the next 16 hours or 1 day, not the 2 times 8 hours of charged parking (2 days).

You can specifiy an amount in cents you the pay for parking instead of time. For example;

$1 will request $1.00 of parking.

The Zone number should be the 4 digit number displayed on the parking signs.

If parking is not allowed (for example if the zone is a clearway at the time) your confirmation message will state your request could not be fulfilled. If your request could be partly fulfilled (for example due to maximum parking times or a clearway starting later) then iPark will give you as much parking as is legally possible. Please check the confirmation SMS for the expiry time to ensure your parking has been registered and that it does expire when you expect it to. iPark is not responsible for parking fines you may incur. Also keep your confirmation message in case you are given a ticket. It can serve as proof of your parking payment.