Easy way to request parking - send an SMS from your mobile

SMS Parking Request

Paying for your parking is as easy as sending an SMS from your mobile to 042 724 7275 (042 724 PARK). For iPark to understand your SMS, the SMS message must be in the following format:

Duration Zone Barcode

The Duration tells us how long you want to park in hours and minutes from the time you send the SMS. You will not be charged for any free time if, for example, you send the SMS before the zone starts charging. Sample durations:

1h for 1 hour,
30m for 30 minutes,
1H30m or 90M for 1 hour 30 minutes,
# for all day parking (up to midnight),
5# for all day parking for today plus 4 more days so that parking will end on midnight on the 5th day (useful for Mon-Fri parking),
* for all week parking for today plus 6 more days so that parking will end on midnight on the 7th day,
clockon for parking up to when you send a clockoff SMS. It will expire at midnight. More details below.

For example, sending 1h 6432 67121234

will have iPark register 1 hour's parking in zone 6432 for vehicle with a windscreen sticker of barcode 67121234

The Zone number should be the 4 digit number displayed on the parking signs. The barcode should just contain the 8 digit number displayed on the vehicle's windscreen sticker.

You will receive an SMS confirmation message with the cost of the parking, the expiry time, a receipt number and a clearway warning if the parking expires at the start of a clearway period. You can also request an SMS reminder in the SMS parking message. See Advanced Use below. Note that h and m for hours and minutes may in be upper or lower case.

If parking is not allowed (for example if the zone is a clearway at the time) your confirmation message will state your request could not be fulfilled. If your request could be partly fulfilled (for example due to maximum parking times or a clearway starting later) then iPark will give you as much parking as is legally possible. Please check the confirmation SMS for the expiry time to ensure your parking has been registered and that it does expire when you expect it to. iPark is not responsible for parking fines you may incur. Also keep your confirmation message in case you are given a ticket. It can serve as proof of your parking payment.


Don't be caught parked in an expired bay or worse - a clearway. This can turn into an expensive problem.

If you have selected SMS reminders in your account settings, iPark will send you a parking expiry reminder SMS 10 minutes prior to the parking expiring. If the zone is about to become a clearway within 20 minutes of the parking expiring, the reminder will also contain this warning.

You can also request a reminder in the SMS sent (see advanced use below) without changing any account settings.


Don't pay for more parking than you need. Clock on when you arrive and clockoff when you leave.

clockon Zone Barcode

Just send the word clockon as the first word of the SMS instead of the duration of your parking. Your credit card will be debited the minimum cost of parking in that zone, or $1 whichever is greater. When the clockoff SMS is received, the cost of the parking stay is calculated and your credit card is debited the remaining balance. If the second debit is required, the minimum debit amount is again $1. A clockon will expire at midnight if a clockoff is not received first.

You can clockon more that one vehicle and clock them off too. If you send an SMS with the word clockoff alone, then all parking requested by that mobile is ended.


Parking may be cancelled at any time by sending clockoff SMS.

If you send an SMS with the word clockoff alone, then all parking requested by the sending mobile is ended.
If you send an SMS with the word clockoff Zone, then all parking requested by the sending mobile for that zone is ended.
If you send an SMS with the word clockoff Zone Barcode, then all parking requested by the sending mobile for that zone and vehicle is ended.


Got the reminder that parking is expiring but need more time? No problem, you can topup your parking by sending another Parking Request before the parking expires. The format is as for the Parking Request above: Duration Zone Rego

Again you will receive an SMS confirmation message you should read.

A topup message may be sent at any time to extend the parking time requested as long as the total duration does not exceed any time restrictions. For example if you parked in a 4 hour zone and paid for 3 hours, you can only topup for another 1 hour. After 4 hours when the parking has expired and the vehicle has been moved, you can pay for more parking.

A topup works regardless of which method was used to pay for the initial parking. For example the initial payment may have been made via the web site and the topup via SMS.

Advanced Use

In some circumstances it is necessary to use more features of the SMS parking message. You can specify if you want an SMS reminder in your parking or topup request by using the following format:

3h 6432 Y 67121234 where the Y turns on the reminder and N turns it off.

All day and all week parking can also be used in topup requests.

You can specify an amount in cents you the pay for parking instead of time. The system will give you the maximum time allowing for free time when the zone is not charging. For example, if you request $8.00 worth of parking at 7am and the zone does not start charging until 8am at $1.00/hour, your expiry time will be at 4pm. This can be useful if you are not sure what time you will be sending the SMS but know that you want to pay up the 4pm. For example;

100 6432 67121234 will request $1.00 of parking.

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